Your water heater runs all the time to maintain a hot water temperature so that it's ready when you take a shower or wash dishes. That's great but it costs you money to have that convenience. Why not heat your water using 50% less energy? Here's how:

The AirTap Heat Pump Water Heater, once connected to your existing water heater, acts as a conventional heat pump, using a compressor to extract heat from the surrounding air.  This heat is then transferred into a long copper tube that is installed inside the tank of the existing water heater through an adapter, which in turn, heats the water to the same degree as would a gas burner or electric heating element, distributing the hot water throughout your home safely and efficiently.

It takes 4 units of energy to heat one unit of water.  Rather than consuming 4 units of electricity or gas, the AirTap unit uses 1 unit of energy from an electric outlet, and 3 units of energy from the surrounding air, therefore reducing the amount of electricity or gas required to heat 1 unit of water by as much as 70%.

The AirTap unit operates using a standard 110V power source and consumes the amount of energy equivalent to operating two coffee machines.

AirTap Cut Sheet

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