There are TWO products to electricity - VOLTAGE AND CURRENT.  Step 1 optimizes the VOLTAGE and Step 2 will optimize the current, therefore making both products of the electricity entering your home as efficient as possible.

Current, or Amps is what your electrical equipment actually needs to operate.  How efficiently your equipment uses the current, or amps is what we call the Power Factor, and it is simply a measurement of how efficient your electrical system is, or to place an analogy on this, it would be like measuring Blood Pressure in your body.  The more efficient your blood pressure, the better you feel, the longer you will live, and the less energy your body uses because everything is working efficiently.  The same goes for your electrical system, the more efficient it is, the better your equipment will operate, the longer it will last, and ultimately, you will use less energy.

The picture to the right is the graphical representation of the two products of electricity - Voltage and Current, or Amps.  In simplistic terms, what you want to see is both the voltage and the current almost the exact same line.  The farther away these two products are, the less efficient your electrical system.  Step 1 and 2 of the TEC Residential Energy Optimization Package ultimately optimizes the Voltage and Current and on the graph, makes them almost the same line leaving an almost 100% efficient electrical system in your home.

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